According to current research, every person is programmed to do mathematics at birth (as well as many animals): newborns are able to distinguish between one, two and three objects, can distinguish different patterns of sound, and are even able to "solve" elementary math problem. Our goal is discover this natural talent and nurture it so that all children can use and appreciate mathematics at the highest levels.

At BLTMath, we believe this can only happen when four conditions are present: teachers receive continuous training and support in current research and methodology, children are engaged in mathematics inside and outside the classroom, high quality materials are available which convey the power and beauty of mathematical thinking, and knowledge is shared through a comittment to each one teach one.

Our mission is to support mathematics education by offering first-rate professional development to teachers, compelling out-of-school programs to children, unique and well-designed materials to engage children in mathematics, and opportunities for children, parents and teachers to enjoy mathematics together.

We want children and teachers to love and respect math, and we hope you share this vision with us.